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In November 2011, a primary school teacher in a village noticed a small bulge of skin around her son’s belly button while applying body lotion. The baby seemed uncomfortable when touched in that area. As time passed, the belly button swelled, causing pain and itching. Concerned, the mother sought a diagnosis, and it was confirmed that her son had a severe umbilical hernia requiring surgery to correct it.

Her distress grew as she watched her once happy and sociable personality fade under the weight of her son’s suffering. Despite trying various medications, both conventional and alternative, she found no relief for her child. The burden became unbearable, and she struggled with the brink of depression.

Then, one day, she overheard a neighbor discussing CSDON outreach programs. With renewed hope, the mother decided to reach out to us for help, and to her joy, we were able to help her son through our medical assistance programs.

His remarkable recovery demonstrates the resilience of the skill of our healthcare professionals and in the face of difficult health challenges, this is a testament to the power of hope and the transformative impact of quality medical care that CSDON support and assistance programs provide for those in need.


Martha Rivera
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